Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cryptohaze tools 1.31 out - CUDA 4.2 release

New release.

1.31, with CUDA 4.2 compatibility and a few minor tweaks to work around a bug I found in 1.30 that involved some hashes not being found.

It also includes the IP address brute forcing script in the charsets/ip_addresses directory (for Unix - please, if anyone wants to make a Windows batch file, I'd really appreciate it!)


Go grab it & let me know if you have any problems.


  1. It appears that the required DLL(s) are not included in the Windows release: Cryptohaze-Windows_x64_1_31.zip. I get a "cudart64_42_9.dll is missing..." error whenever I try to run the application.

    1. Spuffin - I've uploaded a 1.31a to Sourceforge that should have the needed DLL. Can you verify? Thanks!

    2. Working beautifully.

      Although, I still encounter the following error when attempting to crack MSSQL hashes (only using provided test files):
      Cuda error in file '..\..\src\Multiforcer_CUDA_host\CHHashTypePlain.cpp' in line
      234 : invalid argument.

      This error was also present in the previous version.

    3. Great. I'm porting everything to the new framework, so MSSQL should get significantly improved as well. I'll see what I can do though - if it's a small fix, I'll make the change.