Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cryptohaze Rainbow Table torrents

I realized that the old tracker I was using was dead, and my torrents were half old V1 tables, not the new V2 stuff I have.

I've updated my torrent files for MD5/NTLM len6 and len7 - all of them should be on live trackers, being seeded.

Please mirror!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Huh. That's... weird. Is it an OpenCL Multiforcer?

That's weird.  What mix of hardware could be generating these speeds?  It couldn't possibly be an ATI 6970, an nVidia GTX580, an nVidia GTX260, and an i7 processor all working TOGETHER, could it?

It is.  And it's fast.  And it's ready to beta for Linux.

It only supports NTLM and MD5 right now, and if you have an ATI 6xxx series card, you probably want to add "--bfi_int" to the command line flags - it doesn't do it automatically yet.

If you don't want it to use everything, and just want to test it on your ATI cards, add --nocuda and --nocpu (and likely --bfi_int) to the command line flags.

If you're running a 7970, I haven't tested it on one yet, but you should be able to skip the --bfi_int flag and still get very good performance as the compiler does what it should.