Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cryptohaze WebTables

//EDIT: WebTables is down right now, having some server issues.  Also, fixed some bugs in 1.20 that related to it and will be doing a 1.21 release shortly.

And now, the shiny new feature you didn't even know you'd been waiting for!


The problem with Rainbow Tables, so far, has been that you have to download them.  This is fine for small tables, sort of annoying for larger tables, and nearly impossible for the largest tables (1TB download, anyone)?  Current solutions are to ship tables around on hard drive, but I think I have a better solution...

Instead of doing the table search locally, the Cryptohaze tools now support doing all the processing locally, and the table search remotely.  This means that you can, in theory, search a 1TB set of tables with zero download, and if the remote server is loaded with something silly like a fast SSD array, the table searching will be FAR faster than searching locally on a spinning iron disk!

My new releases for Windows/Linux/MacOS X, downloadable at , support this.  And I even have a free set of tables up to play with at

To use this, simply select the tables from the list available, and add the "--tableurl" parameter with the webtables.php URL - so in this case:

GRTCrack -f [hashfile] -h NTLM --tableurl NTLM-len6-idx0-chr95-cl50000-v2-perfect.grt NTLM-len6-idx100000-chr95-cl50000-v2-perfect.grt NTLM-len6-idx200000-chr95-cl50000-v2-perfect.grt NTLM-len6-idx300000-chr95-cl50000-v2-perfect.grt

Try it out!  Same goes for NTLM...

I have a few tweaks to make, including preventing the target hash from being sent in the candidate hash list (right now the "target" hashes are included in the list, which may be unacceptable for some pentesters), and getting the table list automatically from the remote server.  But it does work - try it out!

I plan to add subscription services soon to allow people to subscribe to the tables for a low monthly rate - if you're interested in access before I get this working, email me and I'll hook you up.

Enjoy!  As always, feedback is welcome!

I'm not dead...

I've been busy with refactoring the Cryptohaze tool suite into a combined codebase, and adding some fancy new things.  All the tools are now combined into one source tree, which will make adding algorithms much easier in the future.  I've also added a nice shiny new feature called WebTables, which will be explained in an upcoming blog post.  Anyone interested in coding up algorithms for me?